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Frank Richards (Charles Harold St. John Hamilton)

Humour; Fictional Schools & School-Based Novels

  Rock n Romance Vintage, Authentic 1940s and 50s Inspired Style Clothing
Frank Richards (pen name of Charles Hamilton) for the Greyfriars and Highcliffe School Stories
8 August 1876 – 24 December 1961
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Titles to Look Out For:
[in alphabetical order, dated to earliest edition. Each listing includes later editions and printings]

1915. The Boy Without A Name; Rivals and Chums
1949. Billy Bunter In Brazil

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Richards, Frank. 'The Boy Without A Name; Rivals and Chums', published in 1969 as a facsimile reprint edition, paperback, 240pp. Condition: Good, with a previous owner's name embossed into the bottom corner of the title page. The cover is a touch rubbed in places and just a tiny bit faded. Price: £14.25, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1969, The Museum Press, pbk
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  • The Boy Without A Name; Rivals and Chums [top]
    Both stories first published in 1915 in The Boys' Friend Library
    Reprinted in facsimile with the text slightly enlarged in 1969 by The Museum Press in paperback, 240pp (both stories included printed at 120 pages each)
    Both stories are described as a magnificent, new, long, complete stories of the Boys of Highcliffe School, introducing their rivals, Harry Wharton & Co., of Greyfriars School. 'Rivals and Chums' is the sequel to 'The Boy Without A Name'
    Age range: Young teen to adult (i.e. 12+)

Background and storyline: The stories were written at the time of the start of the Great War - 'The Boy Without A Name' reflects a happier pre-War mood; whilst 'Rivals and Chums' was not written until after the 1st World War had started

The Boy Without A Name
1. A Disgrace to the School
2. Nothing Doing!
3. Ponsonby's Little Joke
4. The Wrong School
5. A Surprising Discovery
6. The New Boy's Welcome (the new boy is Arthur Clare)
7. At Highcliffe
8. A Dormitory Fagging
9. The Caterpillar Has His Way
10. The Fight
11. The Caterpillar Is Friendly
12. No Study!
13. Study-Mates!
14. Killing the Caterpillar
15. Ponsonby's Idea!
16. At the Risk of His Life
17. An Afternoon at Greyfriars
18. Pon's Uncle
19. Ponsonby Strikes While The Iron Is Hot
20. A Surprising Meeting
21. Not A Success
22. A Shock for Clare
23. Trouble in the Form-Room
24. Nuts and a Nut-Cracker!
25. The Rebels!
26. Hand to hand
27. A Lesson for a Bully
28. Cornered!
29. Quite an Entertainment
30. Ponsonby's Plot
31. The First Move
32. The Blow Falls!
33. Self-condemned!
34. A Night of Horror!
35. A Loyal Pal
36. Expelled from the School
37. Loyal to the Last
38. The Nameless Schoolboy Finds His Father!
39. Cleared at Last

Rivals And Chums
1. Frank Courtenay's Resolve
2. Ponsonby & Co. at Home
3. Not a Success
4. A Change of Face!
5. The Lion and the Lamb
6. The Caterpillar is Tempted!
7. Harry Wharton Puts His Foot Down!
8. After Dark
9. Skinner Does Not Go!
10. Taken to Task
11. Head or Tail?
12. Cash Required
13. Nothing Doing
14. Out of Bounds!
15. Bunter, too!
16. "On the Razzle!"
17. The Night Club
18. "Make Your Game!"
19. The Caterpillar is Not Lucky
20. Harry Wharton Makes Up His Mind
21. Wharton's Warning
22. "Done!"
23. The Greyfriar's Match
24. The First Half
25. The Second Half
26. Beaten to the Wide!
27. [Mislabelled as 28] The Caterpillar Means Business
28. Ponsonby's Punishment
29. Not Good Enough!
30. To Go or Not to Go!
31. Ponsonby's Plot
32. "Information Received!"
33. A Startling Discovery
34. The Last Flutter
35. Loyal to the Last!
36. To Save His Chum
37. In the Name of the Law
38. Neck or Nothing
39. The Lesson of a Lifetime
40. "Goal!"


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