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History: The History of Britain - The British Empire and Colonialism

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History - History of Britain - The British Empire and Colonialism
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1970. A Concise History of the British Empire by Gerald S. Graham

Graham, Gerald S. 'A Concise History of The British Empire', published in 1970 by Thames & Hudson in hardback with dustjacket, 288pp, ISBN 0500450072. Condition: Good, clean copy with price-clipped dustjacket, also in good condition. DJ has some slight edgewear (tiny rip to top around the spine). Overall a very decent copy. Price: £6.25, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1970, Thames & Hudson, hbk
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  • A Concise History of the British Empire [top]
    With 250 illustrations and 2 maps
    Written by Gerald S. Graham
    First published in 1970 in Great Britain by Thames & Hudson in hardback with dustjacket, 288pp, ISBN 0500450072
    The dustjacket design includes H. C. Selous's 'Inauguration of the Great Exhibition 1851'

About the book:
The story of Great Britain and her former colonies constitutes one of the grand and central themes of modern history. Started in the sixteenth century, chiefly for purposes of trade, the Empire gradually evolved into a complicated international laboratory in which new nations, activated by the old, were precipitated into independent existence. Taking metropolitan London as the base and holding tightly to the reins that guided British activity and policy around the world, Professor Graham gives a unified picture of the complicated development of the Empire-from the first fumbling attempts at settlement in North America, through such extraordinary achievements such as the subjugation and paficification of the vast sub-continent of India by handfuls of Europeans, alien in blood, language and religion, to the final transition into that fluctuating association of unequal partner-states: the present-day Commonwealth

1. Introduction: The First Experiments
2. The Expansion of England

Virginia and the Caribbean
The Puritans
The colonial policy of the Restoration
The Indian empire
3. The Expansion of English Commerce
The English navigation and trade system
The machinery of control
4. The Struggle For Trade and Empire in the Eighteenth Century
War in North America
William Pitt and the Seven Years War
5. The Irrepressible Conflict
British supremacy and colonial self-government
The American Revolution
6. The Second British Empire
South Africa
7. The Age of the Evangelicals
The fruits of Trafalgar and Waterloo
The first Colonial Office
The abolition of the slave trade and of slavery
The systematic colonizers: Australia
The missionary colonizers: New Zealand and the Pacific
8. The Age of Disillusionment
The Durham Report and responsible government
The advent of free trade
The road to Canadian federation
9. The Age of Competitive Expansion
Egypt and the Sudan
Processes of expansion
New nations: Australia and New Zealand
10. The Phenomenon of Imperialism
Makers of imperialism: Rosebery, Chamberlain, Rhodes
The climax of imperialism
11. The New Nationalisms
Imperial preference and the fetish of free trade
The Boer War and its aftermath
The Indian empire

Epilogue: The End of The British Empire
Suggestions For Further Reading
List of Illustrations

About the Author:
At the time of publication, Gerald S. Graham was Rhodes Professor of Imperial History in the University of London, 1949-70. He was born in Canada and was educated at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and later pursued post-graduate studies at Harvard and Cambridge. After studying German colonial policy under a Rockefeller Fellowship at Berlin and Freiburg Universities, he taught for six years at Harvard (where he also taught a course in Canadian history); and then he later taught at Queen's University.

During WWII, he served in the Royal Canadian Navy and when demobilized in 1946, he was appointed Lecturer at Birkbeck College, London, resigning two years later to take up the Rhodes Chair at King's College, London

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