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1991. The History of the Haberdashers' Company by Ian W. Archer

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Archer, Ian W. 'The History of the Haberdashers' Company', published in 1991 in Great Britain by Phillimore & Co. Ltd, in hardback with dustjacket, 329pp, ISBN 0850337984. Condition: Very good with very good dustjacket (price-clipped). There's some wrinkling and creasing to the dustjacket edges (mild handling wear). Price: £28.00, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1991, Phillimore, hbk
In stock, click image above to buy for £28.00, not including post and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge, currently £2.80 for UK buyers

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  • The History of the Haberdashers Company [top]
    Written by Ian W. Archer

    First published in Great Britain in 1991 by Phillimore & Co. Ltd., Shopwyke Hall, Chichester, Sussex, United Kingdom, in hardback with dustjacket, 329pp, ISBN 0850337984
    Front cover illustration shows the Interior of a haberdasher's shop in the later 18th Century

About this book/synopsis: The Haberdasher's Company, 8th in the hierarchy of the Livery Companies in the City of London, was founded in the 14th Century as an association of men engaged in the trade of haberdashery. The aim was to regulate the trade, to provide relief to poor members, and to give spiritual comfort by arranging masses to be said for former members. The main concern of the Company today is the administration and maintenance of charitable funds, used for education in the Company's eight schools and for other charitable purposes. The trade connection has lapsed, and members of the Company are now largely drawn from the professions. Dr. Archer's account, the first full length published history of the Company, traces its changing character. Among the issues explorer are the nature and governance of the Company, the relationship of its rulers with the membership, as evidenced in the treatment of craft grievances, the motives for the foundation of its charities, and the problems encountered in their management. The book is not a narrow institutional history, but is a thoroughly readable account of all aspects of Company life, including the social life, feasting and ceremonial. The book, which is definitive and scholarly, draws on the techniques developed by social historians to produce an account broader in its concerns than the traditional Livery Company history

List of Colour Illustrations
List of Black and White Illustrations
Foreword; Acknowledgements
List of Abbreviations

1. Origins
2. The Transformation of the Company, 1400-1550
3. Reformation Changes
4. The Organisation of the Company, 1500-1650
5. Merchants and Artisans, 1500-1650
6. The Establishment of the Charities, 1550-1680
7. The Company in Difficulties, 1660-1800
8. The Management of the Charities, 1680-1800
9. The Company in the Life of its Members, 1500-1800
10. The Company in the Life of City and Nation, 1500-1800
11. The Company in the 19th Century
12. The Charities in the 19th Century
13. The Company in the Modern World

1. List of Masters and Wardens of the Company, 1582-1990
2. List of Clerks of the Company
3a. The Company's Plate (by Charles Truman)
3b. Chronological Catalogue of the Principal Pieces of Plate
4. The Company's Minor Charities
5. The Company's Advowsons
6. A Note on the Value of Money

Notes; Bibliography; Index

List of Colour Illustrations Included In This Volume:
Frontispiece: St. Katherine of Alexandria
Between pages 16 and 17
1. The Company's first grant of arms, c.1446
2. Figurehead of St. Katherine from the Company's 17th-century barge
3. Thomas Aldersey
4. William Jones
5. William Adams
6. Robert Aske

Between pages 48 and 49
7. Map of Hatcham estate in 1619
8. The almshouses at Newland
9. Map of Haberdashers' estates in Londonderry
10. Map of settlements at Ballycastle and Artikelly, Londonderry
11. Sir George Whitmore
12. List of subscribers to the rebuilding of the Hall after the Great Fire

Between pages 112 and 113
13. Map of the Pitley estate in Essex, c.1761
14. Vote of thanks from the Court of Assistants to Alderman the Lord Ebbisham, 1938
15. The Master's badge, c.1875
16. Adams' Grammar School, Newport
17. Monmouth School for Girls
18. The almshouses at Monmouth
19. The modern Livery Hall set for the Publication Dinner
20. The modern Luncheon Room

Between pages 208 and 209
21. The affiliation of the Queen's Regiment to the Company, 7 February 1984
22. H.R.H. the Princess Margaret visiting the Adams' Grammer School, Newport, 1985
23. H.R.H. the Princess Margaret becoming an Assistant Honoris Causa, 29 October 1986
24. The Hamersley Salt
25. A selection of 17th-century silver
26. A selection of 20th-century silver by Omar Ramsden and others
27. A selection of 20th-century silver by Gerald Benney

List of Black and White Illustrations Within This Book:
1. Examples of haberdashery, c.1400
2. The Company's earliest ordinances, 1371
3. Places of residence of members of the Haberdashers' Company, 1470-1550
4. Site of Company Hall, from 'Agas' map, c.1565
5. Extract from customs account detailing imports of haberdashery, 1480
6. Extract from a late Elizabethan haberdasher's shop inventory
7. London Bridge in the mid-16th century
8. Shop interior of the late 17th century
9. Will of Robert Billesdon, Haberdasher
10. St. Michaale le Querne
11. Title page from a sermon preached to Company by Samuel Fawcet
12. Sermon at St. Paul's Cross
13. Details of apprenticeship of William Adams
14. Fashions in head-gear in the later 15th century
15. Felt hat from Southwark, c.1560
16. Sixteenth-century hatter at work
17. Map to show location of the Company's charitable interests in the later 17th century
18. Monument to Sir Nicholas Rainton
19. Schoolmaster's house at Bunbury
20. The old schoolhouse at Monmouth
21. Receipt for loan by the Company to Parliament, 1642
22. Exterior of the post-Fire Hall
23. Plan of the post-Fire Hall
24. Plan of Haberdashers' Square, 1761
25. John Banks
26. Statue of Robert Aske at Haberdashers' Hatcham Boys' School
27. Aske's Hospital at Hoxton, 1754
28. William Adams' Grammar School in the early 19th century
29. Expenses of the Lord Mayor's show in 1604
30. The Sheriff's Feast (1747)
31. Charles I's entry into the City of London, 25 November 1641
32. Title page from the book of pageants for the inauguration of the mayoralty of Richard Fenn, 1637
33. Table of coats of arms of Haberdashers who served as Lord Mayor
34. Members of the London trained bands from the Sidney funeral roll
35. Musket engraved with the arms of the Company
36. Monument to Martin Bond
37. Queen Elizabeth I, from the Company's charter of 1578
38. The river pageant of 1662 to greet Catherine of Braganza
39. Map of the Hatcham estate in 1854
40. Apprenticeship certificate from the 19th century
41. John Eagleton, Clerk to the Company, 1907-30
42. The Hall after the 1854-6 redevelopment
43. The Court Room before the Second World War
44. Invitations, menu cards, and programmes for Livery Dinner, December 1903
45. Invitations, menu cards, and programmes for summer entertainments at the Crystal Palace
46. The Livery Hall before the Second World War
47. The Fatal Effects of Gluttony (1830), a satirical attack on Company feasting
48. Aske's Hospital at Hoxton after the rebuilding of 1827
49. The deputation to Monmouth, c. 1864
50. Monmouth School
51. The staff at Monmouth School during the 1860s
52. Elevation of Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham School for Girls, c.1887
53. Haberdasher' Aske's School for Girls, Acton
54. Publication Ceremony, 1979
55. Deputation to Aldersey Church of England Primary School at Bunbury
56. A Ladies dinner held in the late 1920s
57. Visit of H.R.H. the Princess Margaret to Monmouth School for Girls, 1950
58. H. R. H. the Princess Margaret visiting Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree, 15 May 1990
59. The affiliation of H.M.S. Brave to the Company, 17 December 1986
60. The presentation of the freedom of the Company to Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander, 15 November 1945
61. The Hall after the German bombing of 29 December 1940
62. Garrard House
63. List of contributors to the building of the present Hall
64. The Haberdashers' Aske's Schools at Elstree
65. Archbishop Ramsey delivering the Golden Lecture, 1974
66. Map of the Hatcham estate, c. 1931

About the Author: Ian Archer was born in 1960 at Altrincham, Cheshire and was educated at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and Trinity College, Oxford. His main research interests lie in early modern social history and at the time of publication of this book (1991), he had published a book and several articles on Elizabethan London. He has taught at both Oxford and Cambridge, and by 1991 was Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Keble College, Oxford

About the Publishers: Phillimore exists to serve the cause of local history throughout Britain and the list of titles under the Phillimore imprint continues to grow to this day (2016). Local, architectural, archaeological and family historians are encouraged to be on the Phillimore mailing list and to contact the company at the earliest stage possible in the process of preparing and writing a title

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