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Alan Ayckbourn


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Alan Ayckbourn




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Alan Ayckbourn was born in London in 1939; educated at Haileybury until the age of seventeen, and has worked in theatre, one way and another, ever since. Acting jobs came and went in rep at Worthing, Leatherhead, Oxford and finally with Joseph's Studio theatre in Scarborough. Stoke-on-Trent and elsewhere. Between 1965 and 1969, he produced radio drama from the BBC Leeds studios and since 1969 has been the director of productions at the library theatre, Scarborough.

Mr Ayckbourn's own plays include:
1959. The Square Cat
1963. Mr Whatnot
1965. Meet My Father, presented in London in 1967 as Relatively Speaking, The Sparrow
1969. How the other half lives
1969. Ernie's incredible illucinations

1973. Time and Time Again
The suburban house of the Bakers adjoins a recreation field, which is useful, for cricket and football play a large part in the story. Peter, who works for Graham, brings his fiancée to the house and Graham makes a bee-line for her. However it is Mrs Baker's brother Leonard, to whom Joan strays. Leonard, poetic, a fumbler, mooning around and holding conversations with the garden gnome, has always roused the bullying Graham's malice and scorn and he is horrified when he catches the younger man very much with Joan. Joan and Anna decide that Leonard must tell Peter at once about the relationship. When Leonard tries half-heartedly , to do so, the result is wholly unexpected. However, cricket, f ootball-and even druaghes -supersede all other considerations in Peter's sports mad mind



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