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Percival Marshall's "Model Engineer Series"

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Percival Marshall-the "Model Engineer" Series of 55 booklets
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Titles to Look Out For:
1. Small Accumulators: How Made and Used
2. Soldering, Brazing, and the Joining of Metals
3. Electric Bells and Alarms
4. Telephones and Microphones
5. Electric Batteries
6. Model Boiler Making
7. Metal Working Tools and their Uses
8. Simple Electrical Working Models
9. Simple Mechanical Working Models
10. Small Dynamos and Motors: How to Make and Use Them
11. Induction Coils for Amateurs
12. Model Steamer Building: Hulls and Deck Fittings
13. Machinery for Model Steamers
14. Small Electric Motors
15. Simple Scientific Experiments
16. Meteorological Instruments
17. The Locomotive Simply Explained: A First Introduction to the Study of the Locomotive Engine: Fully Illustrated with Drawings and Photographs
18. Simple Experiments in Static Electricity
19. X-Rays: Simply Explained
20. Patents: Simply Explained
21. Mechanical Drawing: Simply Explained
22. Electric Lighting for Amateurs
23. Model Steam Turbines
24. Small Electrical Measuring Instruments
25. The Beginner's Guide to the Lathe
26. Gas and Oil Engines: Simply Explained
27. A Guide to the Standard Screw Threads and Twist Drills (Small Sizes)
28. Model Steam Engines
29. Simple Photographic Experiments
30. Simple Chemical Experiments
31. Electrical Apparatus: Simply Explained
32. The Wimshurst Machine: How to Make and Use It
33. Alternating Currents:Simply Explained
34. Magnets and Magnetism: Simply Explained
35. Optical Instruments: Simply Explained
36. Windmills and Wind Motors: How to Build and Run Them
37. Wireless Telegraphy: Simply Explained
38. Micrometers, Slide Gauges, and Callipers
39. Electric Hand and Cycle Lamps: Their Construction and Uses
40. A Small Power Electric Light Plant
41. Milling in Small Lathes
42. Magnetos: Simply Explained
43. Hardening and Tempering Engineers' Tools
44. Model Petrol Engines
45. Planing and Shaping: Simply Explained
46. Fifty Useful Tools for the Home Workshop
47. Simple Lathe Accessories and How to Make Them
48. Gear Wheels: Simply Explained
49. Screw Cutting
50. Clock Repairing and Adjusting
51. Watch Repairing and Adjusting
52. Working Model Railways
53. Small Transformers: Their Design and Construction
54. Model Steamer Fittings
55. Model Sailing Ship Fittings

Other Percival Marshall Titles:
The Model Railway News

1) Automatic Lathes and Screw Machines by Edgar T. Westbury
2) Modern Heavy Oil Engines Simply Explained by R. Barnard Way
3) The "Cutty" Sark by C. N. Longridge
4) Shop, Shed & Road by LBSC
5 ) "Fayette"-full set of scale drawing blue prints, 10 sheets with specifications. 2.5 gauge, Baker Valve Gear
6) Central Heating and Hot-Water Supply by J. W. Cowan
7) English Warships in the Days of Sail by A. Guy Vercoe
8) Electric Clocks and Chimes-gives complete instructions for the making of successful electrical timepieces, synchronised clock systems, and chiming mechanism
9) Practical Armature Winding by A. H. Avery
10) Electric Motor Management by A. H. Avery
11) Practical Lessons in Metal Turning by Percival Marshall
12) Electrical Apparatus Making by A. V. Ballhatchet
13) More Electrical Apparatus Making by A. V. Ballhatchet
14) Engineering Mathematics Simply Explained by H. H. Harrison
15) British Oil Engines by W. A. Tookey
16) Electric Circuits Simply Explained by F. H. Taylor
17) The French Polishers' Handbook- tells how to polish from the white, how to renovate furniture, gild and re-gild, how to polish inlaid, marqueterie, fretwork, and poker-work, with many recipes for stains and polishes
18) The Beginner's Guide to the Microscope by C. E. Heath
19) Practical Engraving on Metal: A well-illustrated book which also deals with saw-piercing, carving, and inlaying.
20) Model Steamers and Motor Boats: How to Build and Run Them
21) The Model Aeroplane Manual: A practical handbook on the Building and Flying; well-illustrated
22) The Beginner's Guide to Carpentry by H. Jarvis
23) Private House Electric Lighting by F. H. Taylor
24) Everybody's Book of Aeroplanes by R. Barnard Way
25) Motor Car Batteries: A practical garage handbook dealing with charging, repairs and maintenance; also charging of accumulators
26) Motor Boating for all by A. H. Lindley-Jones. Illustrated by R. Barnard Way
27) Model Sailing Yachts: How to Build, Rig and Sail Them. A Practical Handbook for Model Yachtsmen; illustrated
28) Coastwise Sail. By John Anderson
29) R.M.S. Mauretania: The Ship and Her Record. By Gerald Aylmer
30) Practical Electro-Plating by George Gentry
31) Printing for Amateurs and Small Printers
32) Every Boy's Book of Electricity by R. Barnard Way
33) Model Aeroplanes Simply Explained by M. R. Knight
34) Ray Controlled Mechanism by Major Raymond Phillips
35) Planning and Layout by Henry Greenly
36) Signals and Signalling by Henry Greenly
37) Walschaert's Valve Gear: For Working Models by Henry Greenly
38) Marking Out for Machinists by Capt. Richard Twelvetrees
39) Practical Hand Forging by Capt. Richard Twelvetrees
40) How a Steam Engine Works by W. E. M. Curnock
41) How to Read a Workshop Drawing by W. Longland
42) Engineering as a Career: A book of practical advice for parents and boys, describing the nature, training, and prospects of the various branches of engineering
43) Television for All by Charles G. Philp
44) Wireless Facts and Figures by A. V. Ballhatchet



Westbury, Edgar T. 'Automatic Lathes and Screw Machines. Practical handbook on their mechanism, uses and operation', undated, published by Percival Marshall in board book format (board covers, normal paper pages), 90pp, No ISBN. Condition: Acceptable to good condition: vintage and worn - dusty-dirtyish cover and some light tanning to internal pages. Remains wholly intact and readable - very decent copy overall. Price: £10.00, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
c1940, Percival Marshall, board book

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1. Introduction, including terminology
2. Principles of Automatic Lathes, including operation by Cams, Direct and Indirect Action,
3. Types of Automatic Lathes including Early Herbert Machine, The Gridley Automatic, Brown and Sharpe Machine (with sectional plan), B.S.A 1.5 inch single spindle automatic screw machine (pictured: side, front and rear views), B.S.A. 5/8 inch single spindle automatic screw machine (pictured: side view), Petermann Lathe (pictured seen from work headstock; also modern machine seen from reverse end showing camshaft, and enclosed drilling and tapping headstock), Footburt hydraulic automatic lathe (pictured)
4. Headstock and Spindle Design: including bearings, chuck mechanism (diagram of work headstock of Petermann auto and section of modern B.S.A headstock), stock feed, chuck and feed operating mechanism, speed changing gear and feed changing gear
5. Turret and Cross Slide Mechanism including Independent Mechanical Feed (shows picture of headstock traversing mechanism of Petermann auto and turret traversing mechanism of Herbert No. 5 Auto-late; also a diagram of the Brown and Sharpe turret traversing and indexing mechanism); Cross Slide Operating Gear (with diagrams of the front cross slide operating gear of Herbert No. 1 Auto and Rear Cross slide Operating Gear of Herbert No. 1 Auto; with a diagram of the front and rear cross slide operating gear of Brown & Sharpe auto and a side diagrammatical view of B.S.A vertical cut-off slide; also includes a photo close-up of the cross and vertical slides of a B.S.A auto and the radial slide arrangement of Petermann auto. Finally there is a diagram of the Petermann headstock, showing tools at work close up to the collet chuck and the same showing steady bush in use for long, slender work)
6. Screwcutting Gear, including collapsing taps and expanding dies, solid taps and dies (including diagram of drilling and tapping spindles of Petermann auto)
7. Tools for Automatic Lathes including turret tools (shows photo of a group of cutting tools for Brown & Sharpe auto), swing recessing tools, cross slide tools (shows swing recessing and undercutting tool)
8. Special Attachments includes screw slotting attachment (shows B.S.A screw slotting attachment), burring and tapping attachments, cross drilling attachments, chasing attachments (shows photos of chasing slide of B.S.A chasing attachment - side and top view - and photo of driving gear chasing attachment and other attachments (shows photo of B.S.A chasing attachment seen from the back of the machine), magazine feed (shows picture of magazine feed fitted to Herbert No. 4 Auto-Lathe)
9. Special Types of Automatic Lathes. Includes:
Multi-spindle automatic lathes -with diagrams of spindle indexing mechanism of Gridley four-spindle machine; Early New Britain-Prentice four-spindle auto, seen from above and photos of the Modern New Britain-Gridley six-spindle auto; the Churchill "Conomatic" four-spindle auto; and the Bullard "Mult-au-matic" eight-spindle vertical automatic lathe
Vertical Automatic Lathes
Multi-tool Lathes
-with photo of Drummond No. 2 "Maxicut" multi-tool lathe and the Churchill-Fay multi-tool lathe
10. Setting Up Automatic Lathes-includes setting out cams (with photo of Brown and Sharpe turret-indexing cam, and marked blank from which cams are made; also diagram of tool and cam arrangement for producing a cap nut in B.S.A. auto); setting up cutting tools (with diagram of tool and cam arrangement for a more complex component, involving the use of six turret tools, vertical slide, and chasing attachment; tool steel; lubrication and cooling


Lake, Chas. S. 'The Locomotive Simply Explained: A First Introduction to the Study of the Locomotive Engine: Fully Illustrated with Drawings and Photographs'. Published as booklet No. 17 in the Percival Marshall Model Engineer Series, 60pp, booklet format with staple binding (pbk), undated. Sorry, sold out, but click image to access prebuilt search for this title on Amazon
Undated, Percival Marshall
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Chapter 1
deals with the boiler over 18 pages and the text is accompanied by diagrams detailing the different aspects such as the Belpaire firebox, firegrate, ash-pan, crown stays, roof stays, brick arch and butt joints, etc

Chapter 2 looks at the engine over the next 20 pages such as the crossheads, connecting-rods, slide valves, piston-valves, shifting link motion, expansion links, Stephenson's link motion, "R.C." poppet valve-gear, the framing of a 4-4-0 passenger locomotive, bogie truck wheel arrangements, and much much more

Chapter 3 looks at modern locomotive types such as Atlantic, Pacific, Consolidation, etc and this is covered over the next 12 pages with pictures of Schools Class 4-4-0, No. 904; London and North Eastern 0-6-0 No. 1140; Three-Cylinder 2-6-0 type mixed traffic locomotive London and North Eastern Railway No. 1108; Four-cylinder 4-6-2 express locomotive, L.M.S Railway No. 6200; Three Cylinder 2-8-2 express locomotive, L.N.E Railway No 2001; 2-8-0 type goods and mineral locomotive GWR No. 2840; Three-cylinder 2-6-4 tank engine LMS Railway No 2500; "Atlantic" or 4-4-2 type simple express locomotive North Eastern Railway No. 649(?); and Articulated locomotive Garratt LMS No. 4986

Chapter 4 is entitled 'A Locomotive Catechism in Brief'-it's really a frequently asked questions page with all the answers of course. Finally there's a list of Percival Marshall titles



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