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Percival Marshall's "Model Railway News"


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The Model Railway News
Published by Percival Marshall
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Volume 10: 114. June 1934




Marshall, Percival. 'The Model Railway News: Steam. Electric Clockwork', Published by Percival Marshall in paperback format, staple binding. Condition: acceptable, fair (vintage, still perfectly readable but past its best). Staples have failed and all the pages of the magazine are present but loose. Price:£7.99, not including post and packing, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1934, Percival Marshall, magazine
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About this magazine/synopsis: Full of interest for the railway modeller and the historian, this issue, volume 10 (pages 147 - 172 of this volume), Number 114 from June 1934,  looks at steam, electric and clockwork model railways and includes contemporary adverts (interesting just in themselves) and the following articles:
p.145. Notes of the Month
-photo: A train on the Southsea Miniature Railway
p.147. N. S. Sinclair: 'An "O" Gauge L.M.S. Garden Railway with details for constructing outdoor track, station roofs, platforms, fences and colour-light signals'
-photo: A view inside the main station on the "O" gauge L.M.S [London, Midland, Scottish] Garden Railway
-photo: A view of the station showing the girder work in the roof
-photo: An express train passing through Rugby station
-photo: The Birmingham branch line outside Rugby station
-photo: A general view of the station during construction
-photo: A view of the "O" gauge garden line north of Rugby
p.153. Building "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons by Edward Beal
-photo: Various "OO" gauge wagons on the W. M. R.
-photo: Hand-made "OO" gauge wagons by Sir Eric Hutchison, Bart.
-photo: "OO" gauge wagons with litho sides
-scale diagram: Constructional details of "OO" gauge wagons (here an N. E break van, No. 2321; a N. E. van, No. 32939; and an L. M. S. timber board wagon for loco coal, No. 13231)
-scale diagram showing how to build a tank wagon
-photo: A tank wagon in "OO" gauge
p.157 'The Vicarage and North Scullery Railway' (author unknown)
-photo: The Rev. A. H. Webb at the switch board, operating his model line
p.158. C. S. Johnson: 'Building an L.M.S.R 0-6-0 Goods Locomotive in "HO" Gauge'
-photo: Mr. C. S. Johnson's "HO" gauge L. M. S. R. goods loco
p.160. Author: B. H: 'Constructing a Level Crossing for an "O" Gauge Line'
-diagram of rail level vs. base board, showing the mechanism for opening the crossing gate
-diagram of the operating mechanism under the level crossing (using Meccano parts!)
-photo: The level crossing gates in operation on the author's "O" gauge line
-diagram of sleeper arrangement and section of track at the crossing
-outline sketch diagram of the level crossing gate castings (half size)
p.162. Henry Greenly: 'Practical Notes on Fitting Lifting Bridges'
-diagram of how to make the nogged track for a model Scherzer bridge
-diagram of Scherzer bridge showing the line of pinion movement when the bridge is resting; and when lifted (shows that the centre moves horizontally in a straight line. The frame carrying the rack is not shown)
-photo: Photograph of a full-size Scherzer bascule bridge showing the nogging system employed on the rolling track
-diagram: section through a model Scherzer bridge showing the centre pinion and side racks
-diagram: wiring up a roller bridge (using flexible cable)
p.165. Answers to Correspondents
p.166. J.N. Maskelyne, A. I. Loco. E.: 'Real Railway Topics'
-scale diagram showing front and side elevations of No. 5,552, the new 4-6-0 3 cylinder express loco of the L.M.S.R. (4,000 gallons of water in the tender; 9 tons of coal; 225lbs per square inch of pressure in the boiler). The article notes that 113 are on order with Crewe building Nos. 5552 - 5,556 and 5,607 to 5,654; Derby building Nos. 5,655 to 5,664 and North British constructing 5,557 to 5,606
-photo: New 4-6-0 type 3-cylinder express locomotive, L.M.S. railway
p.169. 'Our Mailbag'
-includes a useful letter and 3 diagrams (of track, lamppost and station) of modelling in 3/8" gauge
p.171 'With The Clubs'


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