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Railway Manuals
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AEI, Sulzer. 'Operating Manual: British Railways Locomotives D5176-D5299; D7500-D7677, published in 1966 in paperback by Sulzer Bros (London), 90pp. Good, clean copy, well looked-after. Price:£6.00, not including p&p, which is £1.00 for UK first class, £0.85 for 2nd class. Other rates apply for overseas mailing
1966, Sulzer Bros (London)
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General Description of locomotives; general arrangement and layout; leading particulars; power generation; control of power;

DIESEL ENGINE: general; engine instruments and local controls; overspeed trip; fuel system; lubricating oil system; cooling system; load control system;

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:electrical machines; control cubicle; battery; lighting; shore supply; AIR SYSTEM: general; brake systems;

DRIVING COMPARTMENT: driver's desk; second man's position

STEAM GENERATOR:general description

FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT:general; equipment; precautions

FAULT FINDING:locomotive; steam generator


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