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1959. The Lonesome Road: A Play in Three Acts

King, Philip; Maugham, Robin. 'The Lonesome Road: A Play in Three Acts', published in 1959 by Samuel French Limited, paperback, 78pp, no ISBN. Condition: good, clean, copy, well looked-after. Cover has some slight tanning from age. Price: £20.00, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1959, Samuel French
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  • The Lonesome Road [top]
    Co-written with Robin Maugham
    First published in 1959 in Great Britain by Samuel French Limited, in paperback, 78pp, no ISBN
    Original UK retail price: 6s net

Overview: This now scarce play was directed by Jack Williams and the action of the play passes in the living-room of a cottage in Sussex. Includes stage plan, furniture & property list, effects plot and lighting plot


The play has 4 male parts, 2 female

The play was produced at the Arts Theatre, London on 28th August 1957 with the following cast of characters-
(in the order of their appearance)
Martin Smith, played by Michael Atkinson
Mrs Cooper, played by Hilary Mason
Alex Saunders, played by Hugh Moxey
Pat Holden, played by Anna Barry
Jimmie Holden, played by John Sherlock
Rev. James Holden, played by Kenneth Edwards

Synopsis of Scenes:

Act 1
Scene 1. 5.30 p.m. An afternoon in September
Scene 2. Evening. A week later

Act 2
Scene 1. Late Afternoon. Three weeks later
Scene 2. Later the same night

Act 3
Later the same night

[Time: the present]

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