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Maxwell March (Pseudonym of Margery Allingham)

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Maxwell March (also known as Margery Allingham)

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The Shadow in the House
The Other Man's Danger
1935, April. Rogues' Holiday

The Man of Dangerous Secrets

March, Maxwell. 'Rogues' Holiday', published in 1938 in Great Britain by William Collins Sons & Co., in paperback, 252pp. Condition: Good+; this copy has been really well looked-after and has very little wear and tear considering its age. It does have mild tanning to internal pages (browning effect from ageing). Price: £115.00 (due to sheer rarity), not including postage and packing, which is Amazon UK's standard charge (currently £2.80 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1938, Wm. Collins & Sons, Ltd., pbk
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  • Rogues Holiday [top]
    First published in April 1935 in Great Britain; 2nd Impression in the same month; 3rd impression in April 1936; and
    4th impression in May 1938 in Great Britain, by Wm. Collins & Sons Ltd., in paperback, 252pp. Published as a 'White Circle' Edition
    Highly collectible; very scarce

This is the 1938 paperback reprint of Rogues' Holiday by Maxwell March, a.k.a. Margery Allingham, and published in the distinctive Collins Mystery series (White Circle books) with the familiar Policeman in helmet blowing a whistle in the bottom right corner of the front cover

Storyline: Mr Ingleton-Gray, a young man about town, had committed the appalling breach of good taste of dying in a bedroom of the Senior Bluffs Club - of dying, moreover, in circumstances that were distinctly mysterious. Naturally, Colonel Bloom, the resident secretary, was furious. The Senior Bluffs had such a very high reputation. So the police were reluctantly informed. Inspector David Blest succeeded eventually in solving a very odd mystery, in which murder, a beautiful villainess, and a fortune of £200,000 were intricately connected

1. Murder
2. Courtship Extraordinary
3. Three Hundred Thousand Pounds
4. A Policeman's Lot
5. White Lady
6. The Frightened Man
7. Ex-Sergeant Bloomer Remembers
8. The Terrace Sun Trap
9. The Private Investigator
10. Flight
11. A Fortune at Stake
12. The Angry Man
13. Police Net
14. Journey By Night
15. A Morning Call
16. The Man in Disguise
17. The Witness in the Case
18. The Two Who Hurried
19. Murder Plot
20. The Last Throw
21. My Future Wife
22. In the Morning




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