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J.J. Marric (pseudonym of John Creasey)

Murder Mystery; Crime Fiction; Crime Novels; Espionage and Thrillers

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John Creasey - J. J. Marric Series
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John Creasey wrote the following titles as J. J. Marric, although not Gideon's Force, which was written by William Vivian Butler. Each hyperlinked title will take you to an entry below for that book. Books without hyperlinks will be entered when they come into stock. If we are out of stock, we will try and provide links to an alternative source

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Titles to Look Out For:
1955. Gideon's Day
A.k.a. Gideon of Scotland Yard
1956. Gideon's Week
A.k.a. Gideon's Fear
1957. Gideon's Night
1958. Gideon's Month
1959. Gideon's Staff
1960. Gideon's Risk
1961. Gideon's Fire
1962. Gideon's March
1963. Gideon's Ride
1964. Gideon's Vote
1965. Gideon's Lot
1966. Gideon's Badge
1967. Gideon's Wrath
1968. Gideon's River
1969. Gideon's Power
1970. Gideon's Sport
1971. Gideon's Art
1972. Gideon's Men
1973. Gideon's Press
1974. Gideon's Fog
1976. Gideon's Drive
1978. Gideon's Force

Butler, William Vivian. 'Gideon's Force', published in 1978 in Great Britain by BCA (Book Club Associates) in hardback with dustjacket, 190pp, no ISBN. Condition: very good, clean & tidy copy, well looked-after. Price: £4, not including p&p, which is  Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1978, BCA, hbk
In stock, click to buy for £4, not including p&p

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  • Gideon's Force [top]
    Written by William Vivian Butler (in place of the John Creasey, the author behind this series prior to his death)
    First published in 1978 in Great Britain by Hodder & Stoughton in hardback with dustjacket
    Reprinted in 1978 in Great Britain by Book Club Associates in association with Hodder & Stoughton, in hardback with dustjacket, 190pp, No ISBN
    Jacket design by Jeff Godwin

Storyline/synopsis: The newly built Wellesley Estate - a modern concrete-and-glass residential development with its own schools and community centre - has become a focus for meaningless violence which the police are unable to explain or control. Intimidated by fear of rape, muggings, fire-raising, window smashing, even murder, its inhabitants set about forming their own vigilante group.

Elsewhere, Dino Orsini, the "white sheep" of his family, is helping the police in their investigation into the death of his two brothers, in what appear to be vicious gang-land slayings. And in yet another part of London, all the stops are out in an attempt to trace the kidnapped wife of leading biscuit manufacturer, Thomas Cargill-even the rather controversial services of a Czech clairvoyant are being used.

A list of crimes to make the average policeman blanch. But to Commander George Gideon they offer a challenge - and one that must be overcome if the Law, which he has served, represented and fought for all his working life, is not finally to break down

1. Estate of Fear
2. The Rising Tide
3. Signs of Strain
4. Crimson Light
5. The Walkers
6. Alive or Dead?
7. Blood Lust
8. Lambs to the Slaughter?
9. Halfway Up a Hill
10. "No, Matt"
11. Two O'clock
12. Hunch
13. Human Bait
14. Iron Raincoat
15. Between the Eyes
16. No such place
17. Visiting Hour
18. Murderer Manqué
19. Ambush
20. Siege
21. Gideon's Force
22. Penny's Day

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