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James O. Lowes

Fiction: Westerns

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James O. Lowes
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1998. The Outcasts

Lowes, James O. 'The Outcasts', published in 1998 in Great Britain by Robert Hale, 157pp, ISBN 0709062451. Condition: good clean, ex-library copy. First (blank) page has been removed because it carried the barcode and library slip. Has library stamps here and there. Price: £2.75, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1998, Robert Hale, hbk
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  • The Outcasts [top]
    First published in 1998 in Great Britain by Robert Hale in their Black Horse Western series, hardcover, 157pp, ISBN 0709062451

Storyline: When the American civil war finished, there were many criminals and traitors, who, for various reasons, were never brought to justice. President Johnson's orders to Major Wilde and his men were unequivocal: to seek out and destroy the enemy. So they sacrificed honour for the good of their country, took to the owlhoot trail and became known and feared as the Wilde Bunch.

Joshua, the freed black slave, and Carla Juarez joined the bunch in order to survive and, like the others, had good reason to kill. And kill they did for, in this gripping novel of the Old West, mercy was never shown and the gun was judge, jury and bloody executioner

Major Horatio Wilde, a.k.a Sabre Wilde
Alice Lovejoy
Bill Roscoe
Colonel John Buchan
Elijah Swindley
Ned Skinner

Captain George Lucas
Johnny Eagle Eye (an Apache ex-Scout), a.k.a Johnny Bronco
Joshua (freed slave)
Mal Buchan
Tom Baines
Carla Juarez
Ivan Zaracov - one of Russia's most wanted spies
Wilbur J. Hawkes, Colonel in the Confederate Army
Roger Cavendish
Stinker Meadows
Mitch Two Rivers
Jock Macklyn
Rosie Lovett
Hank Whittle

1998, Robert Hale, hbk


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