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1983. Heraldry, Customs, Rules and Styles by Carl-Alexander von Volbruth

Von Volborth, Carl-Alexander, 'Heraldry, Customs, Rules and Styles', published in 1983 in Great Britain by Omega Books, hardcover, with dustjacket, 230pp, ISBN 0907853471. Very good condition with very good dustjacket. Price: £12.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers, more for overseas customers)
1983, Omega Books
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  • Heraldry, Customs, Rules and Styles by Carl-Alexander von Volborth [top]
    Written by Carl-Alexander von Volborth
    First published in 1981 by Blandford Books
    Reprinted in 1983 in Great Britain by Omega Books, Ltd, 1 West Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, in hardback with dustjacket, 230pp, ISBN 0907853471. Original UK retail price: £19.95
    ***Beautifully colour and b&w illustrated***

About the author: Carl-Alexander von Volborth is a German-born, American painter who makes his living as a free-lance artist and heraldist in Antwerp, Belgium. He is a former art instructor; and is a lecturer on the history of painting. He has seen his paintings exhibited in Germany, the US and in Belgium.

From his fascination in art and history was born his life-long interest in heraldry; he has an international approach to it which is probably due to his cosmopolitan background (German, Russian and English). At the time of publication, he was a member of l'Académie Internationale d'Héraldique; his work has been translated into English, German, Danish and Dutch.

About the Book: The book is a lavishly illustrated and extensively researched study of the complex rules and customs governing the international subject of heraldry. Scholarly in depth, yet wide and readable in its approach, this book shows why the popularity of family heraldry is increasing and why the subject continues to arouse such interest. In an informative text and in the detailed and cross-referenced captions to 1,250 illustrations, over 150 in colour, Carl-Alexander von Volborth brings his knowledge to bear on every aspect of heraldry. Using his own illustrations, he discusses the differences in heraldic style between the countries in Europe, and also shows how these differences affect those countries where heraldry has been introduced by migrating or colonizing Europeans.

Beginning his study with a concise historical analysis of the reasons for heraldry, the author then gives a clear explanation of the general rules-outlining the historical development and present importance of such matters as the type and position of helm, the use of supporters and the shape and colours of the shield. After chapters on Differencing and Cadency and Marshalling of Arms, von Volborth moves to one of the most important sections of his book; a detailed country-by-country guide to those customs, rules and styles which govern the heraldry of individual groups from artisans to kings. Starting with the arms of artisans and burghers, he gives illustrative examples that show the wide differences caused by the customs governing each country, and the similarities caused by emigration and trade. Then, with the aid of further illustrations, he describes the historical and the present armorial style for varying grades of the noblesse, from stark simplicity to many-quartered splendour. He closes the section with a study of the arms of princes and ruling families.

After a chapter on Corporate arms, which includes the arms of guilds, the author concludes his book with three chapters devoted to Ecclesiastical Heraldry and Religious Orders of Chivalry. A detailed list of contents, and an extensive index of the arms and devices mentioned, ensure that readers can find their way around the subject.


An Imaginary Achievement of Arms viii.

Introduction in Pictures
Tinctures; Furs

The Shield
Various Forms of Shield; Divisions and Lines of Partition; Partition and Border Lines, Fields; Ordinaries and Subordinaries; The Cross

Human Beings; Parts of the Human Body; Divine Beings and Saints, Religious Symbolism; The Lion; Other Beasts; Fish; The Eagle and the Falcon; Other Birds; The Fabulous Creatures of Heraldry; Sun, Moon and Stars; Flowers, Trees, Plants and Leaves; Towers, Castles and Other Buildings; Ships and Anchors; Weapons

The Helm, Crest and Mantling




Differencing and Cadency
Differencing in Shield and Crest; The Royal House of France; Capetians and Plantagenets; The Royal House of Great Britain; Marks of Illegitimacy; Differencing of Noble Arms in Portugal; Scotland, England and Ireland; The Saxon States before World War I; The Royal House of Belgium; The Royal Houses of Belgium (continued) and Italy; The Royal House of the Netherlands

Marshalling of Arms
Marital Arms; Arms of Women; Marshalling in Spain and Great Britain; Marital Arms in Great Britain; Arms of Women in Sweden; Arms of Queens and Princesses in Belgium

Examples of Swedish Burgher-Arms; Examples of Norwegian Burgher-Arms; Examples of German Burgher-Arms; Examples of Belgian Burgher-Arms; Examples of Swiss Burgher-Arms; Examples of Italian Burgher-Arms; Examples of Danish Burgher-Arms

Gentry, Untitled Continental Nobility, Knights and Baronets
Armigers (Esquires and Gentlemen) in Great Britain; Untitled Nobility in Belgium; Untitled Nobility in the Netherlands; Untitled Nobility in France; Untitled Nobility in Spain; Patricians and Untitled Nobility in Italy; Untitled Nobility of Hungary; Untitled Nobility of Poland; Untitled Nobility of Russia; Untitled Nobility in Sweden; Untitled Nobility in Denmark; Untitled Nobility in Germany; Untitled Nobility of German, Austrian and Bohemian Origin; British Baronets and Knights Bachelor; Hereditary Knights

Titled Nobility
British Barons (Lords); Dutch and Danish Barons; Swedish Barons; German Barons; French Barons; Belgian and Spanish Barons; Italian and Portuguese Barons; Viscounts; Russian, Swedish and Danish Counts; French Counts and British Earls; Belgian Counts; German Counts; Italian Counts; Italian and Spanish Marquises; Spanish, French and Portuguese Marquises; British and Belgian Marquises

Princes, Dukes, Kings and Emperors
Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, Austria and Germany; Dukes, Grand Dukes and Archdukes; Russian Princes; Dukes and Princes; Italian Princes; Styles of Coronet used by the Royal Family of Great Britain; Kings and Princes; Royal Crowns and Imperial Crowns

Corporate Arms
Great Britain; Civic Arms in France, Belgium and Austria; Civic Arms in the Netherlands and Germany; Civic Arms in Spain, Portugal and Italy; Arms of Swiss, Dutch, Belgian and German Guilds; English Corporate Arms; Corporate Arms and Personal Arms of Painters; Corporate Arms of Book Printers, Stationers and Booksellers; Arms of the Medical Profession and Apothecaries; Medical Institutions (continued) and Symbols of Trade and Commerce; Corporate Arms of Music, Theatre and Dance; Corporate Arms of Universities and Colleges

Religious Orders of Chivalry
The Teutonic Order; The Teutonic Order in the Netherlands; The Order of the Holy Sepulchre; The Order of Malta; The Orders of St. John of the Alliance of Niederweisel (1961); The Johanniterorden; The British Order of St. John; Use of the Simple Cross of an Order; German Civic Arms and Orders of Chivalry; Swiss Civic Arms and the Order of St. John








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