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Harry Harrison

Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Harry Harrison

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1966. The Stainless Steel Rat
1981. Wheelworld

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Harrison, Harry. 'The Stainless Steel Rat', published in 1983 in paperback by Sphere Science Fiction, 160pp, ISBN 072214484. Not in stock, try Amazon listings on the right, or our prebuilt Abebooks search
1983, Sphere
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  • The Stainless Steel Rat [top]
    First published in 1966 in Great Britain by New English Library
    Published in 1973 by Sphere Books
    Reprinted in 1974, 1976, 1978 (twice), 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 & 1983

Story: Meet Slippery Jim Di Griz...cosmic criminal, the smoothest, sneakiest con-man in the Universe. So, when the law catches up with him finally, there's only one thing to do-make him a cop and turn him on a villainous lady building a battleship...


Harrison, Harry. 'Wheelworld': Second book in the To The Stars Trilogy. Published in paperback by Granada Publishing, 192pp. ISBN 0586049681. Good condition, quite clean copy. Price: £0.45, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers and more for overseas customers)
1982, Granada Publishing
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  • Wheelworld [top]
    First published in 1981 in Great Britain by Granada Publishing
    Republished in 1982 in paperback (ISBN 0586049681)

Story: Wheelworld. An unforgiving planet where the sun is about to rise and will not set for another four years; where an ancient peasant hierarchy still rules a society equipped with the highest technology; where the people are as dependent on visiting ships as they are on the very air that they breathe; home for some, but for Jan Kulozik it is an eternal prison. And when the ships don't come, Jan finds himself at the centre of an epic struggle for power...and survival.

Extract: Jan turned to face them. 'I am going to tell you some facts, facts you cannot argue with. First, the ships are late. Four weeks late. In all the years, the ships have been coming they have never been this late. Only once in all that time have they been more than four days late. The ships are late and we have used up all our time waiting. If we stay we burn. In the morning we must stop work and begin preparations for the trip.'
'The last corn in the fields...' someone shouted
'Will be burned up. We leave it. We are late already...if we wait any longer we will die waiting. We must begin the trip south and hope they will be waiting for us when we get to Southland. It is all we can do. We must leave at once and take the corn with us... .'


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