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Greg Bear

Science Fiction

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Greg Bear

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1989. Eternity

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Bear, Greg. 'Eternity', published by Victor Gollancz Science Fiction in 1989, pbk, 406pp. Good condition with some light tanning to internal pages (browning effect from ageing). Nice copy overall. Price:£2.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge, currently £2.75 for UK buyers and more for overseas customers
1989, Victor Gollancz
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  • Eternity [top]
    Sequel to EON
    First published in 1989 in Great Britain by VGSF (Victor Gollancz Science Fiction)

Story: Across decades of flight, I became many people. I was no longer Pavel Mirsky, but a citizen of a new world, adapting to its unlikely environment. I watched the humans who came with me evolve, as I did, or fade away. The journey lasted, from our point of view, centuries. Time is a variable thing; flexible, but ever present, warped and twisted into some barely recognizable form or another. If all my time were stretched out in a straight line, I might have lived ten thousand years, by your scale... .We had long since passed beyond the point in the Way where the last moments of this universe might have been accessed. Had we opened a gate there, we might have witnessed the death of all we had ever known. And still we fled. I had defected from my own universe. The Way grew broader around us. We studied this increase and foresaw what awaited us. A vast blister of space-time, capping, but not ending the Way, finite but unbounded.

We had entered the egg of a new universe.


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