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Communication Studies - the impact of communications on society, methods of working

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2000. Technology and In/Equality: Questioning the Information Society by Sally Wyatt et al.

Wyatt, Sally et al. 'Technology and In/Equality: Questioning the Information Society', published in 2000 by Routledge in paperback, 242pp, ISBN0415230233. Sorry, sold out, but click image to access prebuilt search for this item on Amazon
2000, Routledge, pbk
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About this book/synopsis: The book takes the reader through the various implications of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) through the use of case studies that show their applications in three main areas - in the media, education and training, and in the workplace.

Issues of access and control over crucial resources such as knowledge, information, skills, and income are particularly keen in these areas. Historical perspective is used to show how new technologies have not always lived up to the democratising promises they made or offered; that new technologies are in reality unequally distributed.

All the chapters question what 'technology' and 'inequality' really mean; and they also examine the widespread association of technology with progress.

Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Contributors
1. Critical Perspectives on technologies, in/equalities and the information society by Flis Henwood, Sally Wyatt, Nod Miller and Peter Senker

Part I.
Promises and threats: access and control in media technologies

2. Access is not the only problem: using and controlling the Internet by Graham Thomas and Sally Wyatt
3. Panaceas and promises of democratic participation: reactions to new channels, from the wireless to the World Wide Web by Rod Allen and Nod Miller
4. Public service broadcasting and new distribution technologies: issues of equality, access and choice in the transactional television environment by Kathy Walker
5. Limited Horizons (inc.): access, democracy and technology in community television in Canada by Herbert F. Pimlott

Part II
Exclusion, Inclusion and Segregation: new technology and skill in education

6. A tale of two cultures? Gender and inequality in computer education by Flis Henwood, Sarah Plumeridge and Linda Stepulevage
7. Tending to the tamagotchi: rhetoric and reality in the use of new technologies for distance learning by Nod Miller, Helen Kennedy and Linda Leung

Part III.
Technology, inequality and economic development

8. Social inequality, technology and economic growth by Chris Freeman
9. Inequality, work and technology in the services sector by Gavin Poynter and Alvaro de Miranda
10. A dynamic perspective on technology, economic inequality and development by Peter Senker
Bibliography; Index

2000, Routledge, hbk

2000, Routledge, pbk

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